Interior Design

It feels like I was always drawn to the world of interiors. I remember when my older sister moved out of our family home when was only 12 years old, and I got to move into her old room. I decorated it, then redecorated it, again and again. Often while my parents where out, as I knew they wouldn't approve (spray-painting my radiator in black and pink stripes for example, or stencilling roses with gold marker all over my wall). As a teenager I would spend my pocket money on home decorations and paint supplies, as I was never fully happy with store-bought items, and had to personalise them.

Then, years later, after moving to the UK I was able to explore and define my aesthetic even further by decorating a whole house from scratch. Again, almost every decor item was personalised (that's when I discovered furniture painting)


In 2021, persuaded by a friend, I applied for the BBC 1 show Interior Design Masters with Allan Carr, season 4. I didn't believe in myself and was in absolute shock when I found out I made it to the top 10 designers who would go to compete in the show. My faith and confidence in myself were so low, I then only hoped to make it pass the first episode. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I could actually win it! But I did! 

I would like to share with you the design process (moodboards and sketches) of my personal favourite spaces I designed while on the show.

Episode 1: Eco conscious rental apartment in London.

With it being the first episode, I was simply too scared to show my aesthetic, but I tried to sneak in a bit of dark glam into it.

Episode 3: a maximalist, Scottish outdoors themed hotel room, Glasgow.

I did the ugliest sketch for this room, so bad that when I was moving house last year I simply threw it in the bin... I loved the general vibe of this space, I only wished I had more time to had it done to better quality.


episode 6 : grooms bedroom in a woodland lodge, Rutland

I think this room was my favourite, even though its shape was so tricky to work with. In this space I was able to go quite dark while also invoke a romantic feel.

episode 7: glam rock hair salon in Bristol.

This hair salon had the tallest, but ugliest ceiling. So the priority was to hide it. My budget didn't allow for the amount of faux foliage I wanted, but that waiting area ended up being a winner. Plus, I put a statue of Virgin Mary in a hair salon!

episode 8 (final): pub in Brighton, with an memorable/show stopping bar

The transformation of this place is truly why I will always appreciate the power of design. I was so incredibly proud of what all of us achieved within only 3 days!

And now the winning prize! The Cocktail Bar on Shaftesbury Avenue in Soho London. I still cannot believe that there is a place in central London that I designed! An absolute pinch me moment!!!

Interior design services might not be what Serpentina will be primarily known for. My number one passion is still creating bespoke home decorations. But if you like my aesthetic, and are in need of a design or decorating service (or photoshoot styling) please feel free to reach out either by using a contact form on my website or email me directly to

Or if you want to design a space on your own, but find yourself stuck or don't know where to start, I offer a 1 hour video consultation you can purchase here: