Haunting Homes since 2017

My name is Monika and for over half a decade I have been combining my passion for antiques, interiors, dark glamour, and sustainability in the form of decadently upcycled furniture and bespoke home décor under the moniker of 84 Square. In May 2024, after a tumulus year, I decided to shed the old skin and rebrand (reborn) as Serpentina! 

My story

From a young age my parents instilled me with the mindset that anything can be repaired, reused and re-loved. Growing up in Gdansk, Poland we were very frugal with our belongings and it was the family standard to take good care of our possessions. By not living a throwaway lifestyle I learnt to appreciate the longevity of a well-crafted item. When I moved to England, together with my then boyfriend, we began to accumulate a house full of second hand furniture that we had found on marketplace and this important standard that had been set by my family pushed me to upcycle them into revitalised versions of their former selves. 

On a shoestring budget we managed to create a glamorous and personality filled home and I discovered a new passion in transforming these furniture relics. I found myself trying to push the limits of what I could do with beat up, unwanted furniture and became immersed in the subculture of upcycling fanatics where I learnt the vital basics. From there I found my own style and began to truly express my own individuality and creativity through my work.

My style

I have always been a lover of the dark and mystical, which I infuse into my work. From moody floral patterns, crystals, weathered textures to eerie motifs such as snakes or moths. I believe that our homes are an extension of our own selves and the pieces that I create are a true reflection of me. 

If I had to describe my style I would call it 'gothic victorian meets faded glamour'. The intricacy of the shapes and ornamentation of antique furniture combined with my dusky colour palettes blend perfectly into an understated and enchanted piece of bespoke furniture. The faded feel of these colour palettes gives a new sense of glamour to otherwise ordinary pieces, and the moody, magical patterns I use add a mystical aura to any space. I do sometimes call my style granny goth as well ;)

My approach

I carefully consider every piece of furniture or decorative objet that I work on. I look at how the different parts interact with each other and how the shapes flow together, which inspires my decisions. The complexity or simplicity of a piece will direct me in completely unique directions whether it be a gradient of colour over a serpentine sideboard or a bold and busy pattern over a large plain surface. Every piece has it’s own character and I make sure that I bring that to the forefront with my decoration. The only constant is that I will make it feel like a Serpentina piece!